Sell Your Bike - Retailers

Turn aging stock into Cash. We’ll buy your bikes!

It’s no secret: Aging inventory costs you money. Older model bikes bring in less profit. They take up space. They limit your ability to stock and sell newer, more profitable models. We will buy your distressed inventory so you can concentrate on selling more lucrative merchandise. We
take older models off your hands, freeing up precious capital to put back into your business—for equipment,
staff and newer, more profitable sales merchandise.

There’s no need for a fire sale. We’ll take care of it all, with zero impact on your local market. We sell to an international market, and 90 percent of our sales ship out-of-state or overseas. We can help streamline your business. 

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Help customers buy that new bike. We'll take their trade!

The best way to sell new bikes? Offer customers a way to monetize their old bike. Our trade-in program does it for you, quick and easy.

How many times have you heard a potential customer say,

“I really want this new bike, but I need to sell my old one first.” ? They then walk out the door and you never hear from them again. 

Our process is easy: When your customer is looking at a new bike, ask them if they have an older bike or bikes they would like to trade in toward the new one. Have them bring the bike in and snap a few photos. Send them to us, and we’ll make an offer within a few minutes. We pay you directly and the buyer receives payment in the form of a store credit. We even offer referral incentives to your employees.


Sell your old rental bikes

Why waste time trying to sell old rentals? We’ll buy the whole fleet. 

A bike rental service is a great way to generate business. It brings customers into your store. But there are many costs involved, including updating your rental fleet on a regular basis. Selling outdated rentals costs time and money. We make it easy by buying your whole fleet. We do it in bulk, with one lump-sum payment. That’s instant cash for your business.

Many manufacturers offer valuable discounts to shops that buy new rental fleets each year. This is an easy way to take advantage of those discounts. Forget selling bikes one by one—we make it automatic, so you can focus on running your business.